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About platform is an application that will give you key information about currency pairs, currently on pancakeswap and uniswap.

Owing of data, stats & indicators, you will be able to determine the most important moments for a given pair that will help you make decisions about buying / selling tokens.

Always be mindful of the risks you are taking.


Application available on various types of devices: desktop, tablet, mobile.


Make the best trading strategies. Control your trading on on pancakeswap & uniswap.

Stats & Data

Access to relevant data on currency pairs. Create your favorites list and add price alerts.

Free access

Free access to all application functions.


How it works?

It’s easy! Go to type or paste in your contract address. Select a pair from the list for the selected BSC/ERC-20 network.

Pay attention to the token info, chart and trades section.

Connect to your wallet, add your favorite tokens and price alerts, and your preferences will be saved.

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