TCAKE Airdrop System

of partial payouts combined with the TCAKE deflation system


With the aim of improving the price of the TCAKE token, a DAPP has been created which pays out tokens to participants on a monthly basis, so that the influx of circulation would not affect the decrease in the value of the TCAKE token.Each token download from airdrop = 30 TCAKE burnt 

Who can claim tokens and how to do it?

Each Airdrop user who has correctly completed the tasks on March 10-12, 2021 and provided the correct address is entitled to: 

100 TCAKE claim every month: 

  • 70 TCAKE – Directly to your wallet
  • 30 TCAKE -To be burnt (TCAKE Deflation System commission) 

Instruction Manual: 

  1. Log in to metamask with the wallet using the address you entered in the Airdrop Bot
  2. Read and confirm the terms and conditions 
  3. Connect to wallet
  4. Click claim and confirm the transaction on metamask

Important! People who have registered and completed the tasks after the end of the airdrop, i.e., later than March 12, 2021, are not entitled to receive tokens.


Who is entitled to TCAKE from airdrop bot tokens?

A person who has correctly completed all the tasks with the airdrop bot between the start and end of the airdrop (Start: 10 March 2021 – End 12 March 2021)  Users who have provided the correct data:

  • address on bsc (Binance Smart Chain) 
  • Username

What if I’m seeing a larger balance in the Airdrop bot than I have to collect?

The data for the balances have been taken as of March 12 and we are only guided by these data. We do not accept complaints because the users, despite the information that the airdrop had been finished, continued to act when the pool had already been finished.

What if I can’t see the balance after merging my wallet?

The reason is that the wallet specified in the airdrop bot is different or incorrect, or one of the required tasks has not been performed. 

Can I report a complaint?

All data has been 100% checked, therefore complaints will not be verified or recognized again. 

Does charge commission in BNB per token? 

No, does not charge any bnb. The fee that is charged is the transfer transaction fee to the BSC network.