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16+ days – 20% discount with refferal code

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Ads will be visible on app.TCAKE.io

The graphic banner will be displayed on desktop and mobile versions, after clicking it will direct to the link you provide.

Information about the token will be available in the Promoted section. When you click on your token, you will have access to charts and other informations.

.JPG file 800x525px or similar aspect ratio.

Our graphic studio will prepare a free, intuitive design for you based on the information provided.

To do so, please contact us: [email protected]

In order to ensure good visibility, the maximum number of banners and promoted listings is 10.

The banners will change automatically, in order depending on the orders placed.

The promoted list will always display 10 items, in order depending on the orders placed.

If there are no more places available on a given day, you will see a note on this subpage.

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Or use the promoted token list, your token will appear in the promoted section, the platform will provide details of your token. You will be able to add a link on your website.


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