Promote to Earn

Start earning BUSD by selling Banners on TCAKE platform !!

How it works?

1) Register

2) Enter Payout BUSD BEP20 wallet address

3) Share your link with the buyer

4) If they buy a banner from your link, you earn

How much can I earn ?

Refer a banner order from 1 to 7 days 
You earn 10% 
Buyer receives a banner discount of 10% 

Refer a banner order from 8 to 14 days 
You earn 15% 
Buyers receive a 15% discount 

Refer a banner order for more than 15 days 
You earn 20% 
Buyer banner gets a 20% discount 

Example : 
From your link a customer ordered a banner for 18 days 
18 (days) x $150(daily cost of the banner)-20%(customer rebate)=$2700 * 20%(your % for ordering more than 15 days) = $540 (your profit to be paid out) 



After logging into the Promo to earn panel in the dashboard you have information about the profits from referrals .

Payouts are posted once a week on every Monday directly to the wallet address you registered with promo to earn.


$ 23,900.40
$ 1,825.75
$ 9.28
$ 4.49
$ 0.000696